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3 Reich - Amazing Engraved Cigarette Case Pilots School Danzig

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Awesome hand-engraved commemorative cigarette case of the Aircraft pilots' school A/52 in Danzig. Case has a very nice Danzig Free City coat of arms that is hand-engraved as well as the following text: Flugzeugführer Schüle A/52 Danzig - Schüler-Kompanie Weihnachten im 6. Kriegsjahr (Aircraft pilot school A/52 Danzig- Student company Christmas in the 6th year of war). So this was a present given during the last Christmas in 1944/45, shortly before the end of the war. Unique!Set up in Halberstadt as a pilot school for the 52nd pilot training regiment. Workplace was Wernigerode. In August 1940 the school was relocated to Danzig-Langfuhr in order to replenish FFS A / B 6 with aircraft and personnel. The school was fully integrated into FFS A / B 6. In June 1941 the school was renamed FFS A / B 52. The main square was Langfuhr, workplaces were Strebilien and Putzig. In January 1945 the school moved to Celle, where it was closed.