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4 drawings from the series: Camp life. Author: Simiński Wiktor.

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4 drawings from the series: Camp life. Author: Simiński Wiktor.

A set of printed drawings in the size of a postcard [size: 15x10.5cm] made by a Polish prisoner of the KL Sachsenhausen concentration camp, depicting very primitive and macabre moments that he witnessed during his captivity. In some cases, very clear drawings of torture, death, sadness, hunger, violence, abuse, etc. Descriptive text in Polish.

Siminski Wiktor (1939-1945) KL Sachsenhausen.

He stayed in the camp for almost 6 years from the moment of his arrest in 1939 and was one of the few prisoners who survived that long in this camp. Simiński designed boxes, photo frames, artistic pipes and illustrations - all while he was a prisoner of the camp. The detailed testimony he wrote after the Holocaust about his experiences, part of which is now in the Sachsenhausen Museum, is considered one of the most detailed and important testimonies about the camp and to this day is considered the most significant testimonial of any other testimonial about everyday conduct in the camp Sachsenhausen. Simiński's original drawings in the collection of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum thanks to Aleksander Kulisiewicz.

There is no information about the date and place of publication.

Very good condition.