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Anti-Semitic Book Rasse und Seele by Ludwig Clauss 1934

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Antisemitic book "Rasse und Seele" (Race and Soul) by Ludwig Clauss published in 1934. A book full of racial theories that compares the Aryan/Nordic race with other races in the world. One of those races, the enemy of the Reich, are the Jews, that in this book are inferior and should mix with aryans to pollute the race. Common on those years to publish books based on stupid racial theories that lately proved to be totally pseudo-science.Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss (born February 8, 1892 in Offenburg , † January 13, 1974 in Huppert (Taunus)) was a German psychologist and an influential race theorist in the 1920s and during the Nazi era. He was a student of Edmund Husserl.- size 7 x 9-1/2 inches or 170 x 250mm- 196 pages- 176 wonderful black & white photos