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Awesome and unique photo album of a member of the Waffen SS Division Wiking with photos with Himmler and other high ranked SS officers and Dutch fascist leader Anton Mussert!

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We are selling this magnificent and superb photo album that belonged to a SS man who was part of the Waffen SS Division Wiking. This album contains 168 private and inedit photos of this SS guy, with some photos with really high ranked SS officers and Dutch Fascist party leader Anton Mussert with Heinrich Himmler. There's some pictures where Himmler is present with high detail! Himmler appears dressed in leather coat, exactly the coat he used during front visits. Detail of these photos are impressive. Private made photos where Himmler appears are really attractive for collectors. Quality of the majority of the photos is really high, with many different locations SS Kasserne in Berlin, different war vehicles like motorcycle of viking division, autos, many SS uniforms and photos with SS comrades and some photos in the East in Russia. Just give a look to the photos and they will do the talking! Not an ordinary album indeed. Album is in A++ condition, and with album covers preserved. This is a great chance to get a beautiful album of a Waffen SS division member, where the SS Reichsführer appears in foreground in some photos.