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Big Set of Documents to a German Communist Prisoner 1935 KL Buchenwald

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Big set of documents that belonged to a German communist man captured and jailed by the Nazis in the 30s. Set comprises:A portrait photo of Hermann Jahn, a communist prisoner, given to his wife Jadwiga. Turning around, he says: "Honey, your husband, 193)" Wish list / Birthday card, Berlin Police Prison 1934 for Hermanna Jahn through his wife Jadwiga. Preparing treason cases (2 documents) from the President of the Supreme Court. from 1934 in the Berlin Police Prison, dated February 1935. Confirmation of 5RM control to prisoner of war Hermann Jahn. June 1935 Berlin-Plötzensee money order used by his wife Jadwiga A rare money order to Hermanna Jahn when he was imprisoned in the infamous Plötzensee plant, a place where the Nazis used an ax, then a guillotine for shearing. Thousands of frames for the movement shot in a letter / birthday card from Plötzensee Coswig of March 1935. And partly on prisoner Hermann Jahn through a letter / Christmas card from his wife Coswig from December 1935. And old to his wife by prisoner Hermann Jahn from the infamous information sheet of the President of the Police State Coswig Anhalt in Berlin since 1935. Hermann Jahn in his presence in the presence of the infamous Berlin-Plötöt community saw Documents, six different lawyers and legal rights The content concerns the improvement of his criminal cases about the preparation of the state of health for the Nazi state. Includes an example with a watermark with a swastika. Document of the Supreme Senate of Criminal Courts of March 1935. Inserted into Jadwiga Jahn, the wife of a communist prisoner, thanks to the connection with her husband Hermann's whereabouts. participation in the preparation of high treason. Criminal Court letter of early June 1935 June 1935 Better to Hermann Jahn, prisoner of Berlin-Plötzensee, regarding his agent for her husband's criminal cases, Hermann Jahn, in a criminal case for the preparation of the Coswig Prison document for high treason, introduced to Hedwig Jahn in July 1936 in her husband's criminal case List sent to Hermann Jahn, undated and written by parents and grandparents during his imprisonment, Coswig document of October 1936 to Hedwig Jahn on her husband Hermann and his criminal case October, Interesting unusual country stamps Prison Document 1935 Sent to Hedwig Jahn on sending parcels to her husband, prisoner Hermann Jahn Documents of the Prosecutor General of April 1936 sent to Jadwiga Jahn and Money from Buchenwald Order, a rare early example from May 1938 Confirms J 10RM to Hermann, prisoner of Buchenwald No. 1294