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Big sheet of rationing coupons from the Ghetto Warschau reused after war ! Complete! Very scarce.

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Great and complete set of rationing coupons used in the famous polish ghetto of  Warschau , one of the biggest ghettos along with those in Lodz, Czenstochowa  and Lublin. The vast majority of the jews from  Warschau were taken to the Vernichtungslager (extermination camp) of Treblinka when the ghetto was liquidated. These coupons rationed the foodstuff in the ghetto. It is very difficult to come across such a sheet, and you can see that this particular coupons are shown in a relevant book on ghetto currency and paper. Also you must see "Watermark"  on the picture and be sure to see the other side! On the other side, the authorities in Sokolow near Warsaw in December 1944 issued a document stating that Swierzynska Janina not subject to military service.