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Document from the ghetto of Wieliczka. Small ghetto with 7000- 8000 Jews! - 1941

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Doument from the ghetto of Wieliczka (Poland) issued in 1941. The document is signed by the Judenrat (Jewish council of elders) in Wieliczka and also Jewish doctor Otmar Reiner. It deals with the approval of gifts in the form of drugs from the Jewish Social Self.   Between 1940 and 1941, the number of Jews in Wieliczka reached 8,000 people. In May 1941, the Nazis established a ghetto. Imprisoned in it around 6500. persons, in addition to the local Jews of Krakow and its environs. In August 1942, Germany spent here more than 3.2 thousand. Jews. At the same time the occupant has a mass execution staff and patients of the Jewish hospital in Wieliczka, they were shot in the Forest. In 1942, most of the inhabitants of the ghetto were deported to the death camp in Belzec. In 1944, Germany was founded in Wieliczka, a forced labor camp for Jews, which gathered about 1,700 people (in the salt mine)