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Genuine Julleuchter made by Allach used by SS members in their family houses to follow the new SS paganic religion!

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We offer for sale this used condition Julleucter found in an old house in Warsaw, therefore condition isn't like those that have been kept in normal conditions. However this one has lots of character. Although it has some minor cracks and the lack of a small piece of clay in one of the hearts, the overall condition is very good being completely solid and with no loose parts, and what's more, it was used. It's priced accordingly, because if we buy one in perfect condition and without any damage we would have to pay from 1100 to 1400 eur!!! So this one is a chance to own one of the most rare and weird items Himmler invented for the new Nazi religion. He obligued all the SS men to buy it so that they could follow the strange and paganic made up religion for the SS, placing it in all the SS men family houses, and used in weddings, birthdays, solstice of winter and summer and deaths or births. It must be said that this piece was manufactured by the prestigious workshop of high quality porcelain Allach, located in München. Allach porcelains are amongst the most exclusive paraphernalia any collector of 3 Reich militaria can buy. This one, since it was found in Warsaw might have belonged to the family of an SS man who served in Poland during the occupation and then it was abandoned there during the withdrawal of the Nazis from Poland. Not all the Julleuchters were Allach marked though. We think in this case marking in one of the foots faded due to use. There were different models depending on the year when it was manufactured, as well as different finishes. We guarantee the originality of this item.

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