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GUAM - 1944 - Admiral Nimitz - Field hospital - Amazing album of the WW2 war in the Pacific!!!

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Amazing full album U.S. from Navy Medical Corps from U.S. Fleet Hospital No. 111 in GUAM. Album was owned by John Sabo. It has many pictures of the arrival in the jungle, the equation of land, building of the barracks or of the start of military operations on Guam. Everything is very well described, and the pictures are of excellent quality. There can be found: aerial photographs of the entire base, big size pics, all the staff, Admiral Nimitz photos, pictures of civilians, many pictures of weapons, pictures of softball competition, pictures of the arrival in Japan of the envoys toMcArthur, pictures of Agana capital in Guam (before and after destruction), Japanese ships in Iwo Jima, the Philippines, Japanese money from the occupied lands, and many others. I would say it's really recommendable as it is an excellent album, and very seldom to meet in such good condition and fully described. Total there's over 100 pictures. Also important to say, the pictures in the album are not glued, and each one can be removed. Important: all the posted photos are mixed up, but in the album all of them are in chronological order.