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Holocaust - Ghetto - Ultra rare suitcase that belonged to a deported Jew from ghetto Litzmannstadt !!! Museum piece!

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We offer you the chance to own a true museum piece! We are putting for sale this amazing item: an original suitcase used by a Jew from ghetto Litzmannstadt that was deported to an unknown concentration camp during III Reich period. This suitcase has the name of the Jew Rubin Estera written on it using white paint as well as the city he came from (Litzmannstadt). That was obligatory according to Nazi rules in ghettos when Jews were deported to concentration camps so as their belongings to be identified and ease the process of seizing them by Nazi authorities. Suitcase is complete, with handle and although heavy worn condition and use, it doesn't have any serious damage. When opened, there's something really incredible inside it, which is a Jewish inscription written in Hebrew, that says: "Prayer for memory of the souls (deceased) On Yom Kippur". It's a very special prayer on holiest day of year, remembering loved ones who died. This one took it along. Very special! 


A great chance to own this piece of history of the Shoah, guaranteed original like everything we offer for sale on the web!