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Holocaust - Jewish - Ultra rare and awesome document set with star of David of a German Jew who was in the Wehrmacht and then sent to 2 concentration camps!!!

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Ultra rare and awesome document set with star of David of a German Jew who was in the Wehrmacht and then sent to 2 concentration camps!!! We are proud to offer this ultra rare and amazing set of a German Jew that en-rolled in the Wehrmacht. It is important to say that all the numbers of all documents match, which is really important in sets like this! This man was forced to use another name instead of "Israel" ("Hans"). What we have here is a Jewish Wehrmacht soldier with Wehrnummer 07141577, with a release because he was "unworthy to bear arms". This man was in KL Sachsenhausen and was released after that. So, we must to give this set the historical value it has: we are talking about a Wehrmacht soldier that was sent to a KZ! Fooled by the Gestapo with some fake documents issued by them, he was invited to show all his working documents so he was put into prison again. He was sent to a forced labor camp but if we see the Arbeitsbuch, during his captivity, the entries in the booklet are totally faked on purpose and tell us he was working for false companies! Then he was sent to the Theresienstadt Ghetto (Ghetto ID Card with code number 25-XVI/6), being sent after that to KL Theresienstadt (KL ID Card with number 3685). There is even a document were he had to fill something in. We see that he sadly wrote it at the end of war with shaky hands, due to pressure, anxiety and horrible conditions he had to go through during his captivity until the camp was liberated in 1945 by the Russians. Due to the fact that there were a lot of diseases among the prisoners, the Russians opened the gate on June 5th, 1945 after war. After all this horrible "carrier" he survived the horrors of concentration camps of Nazi Germany and he only got 4050 Deutsche Mark for 26 months and 4 days into KL Sachsenhausen and KL Theresienstadt as a compensation. In this compensation document it is said that many people from this institute knew his family. He was a well known business man. Some documents after war are also included. 2nd Driver's license because the Nazis seized his and a Kraftfahrerausweis with Kraftfahr Auszeichnung in Gold, what is the 1st category as driver. The set is very big and extremely rare, and it includes the following documents: (Wehrnummer (number) is present in the documents) -The lot comes with his "Wehrmacht Ausschließungsschein" (release document) because of "Wehrunwürdigkeit" (unworthy to bear arms) with his Wehrnummer is on the document. -Also included is his Star of David in perfect condition still with thread traces used to stitch to garments. -Period fake document from the Gestapo where he was asked to show all his working papers. Indeed THIS WAS HIS INVITATION TO FORCED LABOR/ CONCENTRATION CAMP!!! VERY RARE!!! -His Arbeitsbuch (in excellent condition) with all fake stamps when he was in the Ghetto and the Concentration Camp! His Jewish name "Israel" was crossed out in all documents and he then was called "Hans". -His Ghetto ID Card with number with Ghetto Rules included! -Includes also Jewish Currency (10, 20 & 50)! -Concentration Camp ID Card with number! -One document from 1945 when he was in the Concentration Camp! -Document about his whole story (compensation document) with same number as in the Concentration Camp ID Card! -Post war documents (2nd Driver's License) An awesome document set that you won't find anywhere!