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Huge set of documents of a war amputated Wehrmacht soldier

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Huge set of documents of a war amputated Wehrmacht soldier, including:

Private made photo of this soldier during his service in the Reich Arbeitsdienst - RAD. This man is wearing the RAD uniform, with the legit patches and the characteristic belt buckle with the spade and swastika. Detailed photo in very good condition and in AGFA postcard size.

His Arbeitsbuch (working book). In perfect condition with some entries from 1940.

His Deutsche Arbeitsfront membership booklet, dated 1939. The DAF was the German Labour Front, and it was the National Socialist Trade Union organization leaded by Robert Ley. This booklet belonged to a German worker who paid the membership monthly taxes until 1944. Condition is excellent with all pages present and no damage to the paper. A nice example of these booklets.

His personal Soldbuch. In this Soldbuch is missing his photo, and the cover is denazified. It is well worn condition, with many entries from 1942/43. Some pages are loose but all are present. Many ink stamps inside.

Austrian ration card for clothes. All coupons present.

Apprenticeship contract in one of the companies he worked in as a mason dated 1939 and a letter from the same company

After war letter from the war disabled office in Austria dated 1955 and another document of the Krigsopferverband (Association of war victims) in Wien, dated 1962.

Many other post-war documents regarding his war disabled condition. One document tells he was wounded by grenade splinter. Some are from war disabled associations in Austria.

Post war certificate of discharge of this solider, issued by US troops. Both in English and German.

His Quittungskarte or quittig card from Wehrmacht with all the stamps.

Quittungs document from RAD

A certificate of apprenticeship after his contract in previously indicated company

Very rare post-war made Iron Cross 2nd class award document and Gold wounded badge award document both dated 1946