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KL Auschwitz - 2 Parcel Labels Sent to KL Auschwitz Camp

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2 ultra rare labels of parcels sent to KL Auschwitz inmate from Radom (Poland) that miraculously survived! Both parcels were sent to Chęciński, Józef, prisoner number: 137778, who was born: 1899-03-31, place of birth: Piotrków Trybunalski, profession: worker. Fate:1. 1943-08-23, Auschwitz, arrived to Brikenau and then he was transferred in 1944 to KL Buchenwald. Finding parcel labels from camps is super are since almost all were dismissed and lost forever. This man maybe kept them as a memento. Both are rather water damaged but perfectly readable and in rather good condition taking into account the conditions of the prisoners in camps!