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KL Auschwitz Administration Envelope Sent to Family of Inmate 1941

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Empty envelope of a letter sent from KL Auschwitz Verwaltung (Administration) sent to Gustaw Lembke who lived in Warsaw. His son died in KL Auschwitz: Lembke, Witold (prisoner number: 3017) born: 1919-11-30, profession: student. Fate:1. 1940-08-15, Auschwitz, arrived to camp 2. murdered 1.2.1941 in KL Auschwitz. We suppose this letter was to notify his relatives about the passing of his son after doing research on Auschwitz inmates' database. Envelope has a post stamp dated in 1941 and a nice KL Auschwitz Verwaltung ink stamp. Envelope is in great condition.