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KL Auschwitz - Registration photo of female prisoner of the KL Auschwitz

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Auschwitz registration photo Very interesting registration photo from Auschwitz, showing a Polish female prisoner. Her head is shaved, as was part of the dehumiliating procedure when entering Auschwitz. Zofia Pióro was born on 09-04-1918 in Zembocin, Poland and worked as a shop assistant. On the 19th of January 1943 she arrived in Auschwitz. In 1944 she was transferred to KL Natzweiler, the only French concentration camp. Natzweiler (which was also a Nacht-und-Nebel camp) was known for it’s terrible conditions, especially for the prisoners working in the quarries. Very interesting piece of history. Photo probably come from Auschwitz archive and was sent to family but normaly have stamp from museum on the back this dont have nothing.