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KL Buchenwald - Awesome inedit photo of the 20 Poles executed in Poppenhausen in May 1942!

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We offer for sale a true rarity. This photo was taken in 11 May 1942, the day that 20 Poles were executed by hanging by the SS in Poppenhausen. The story begins in April 1942 when 2 Poles used as forced laborers, made the decision to assassinate a German policeman that had previously battered them heavily. These 2 Poles decided to kill this policeman, so the SS eventually captured one of them (the other could escape) and as a reprisal, they decided to execute 20 Poles in Poppenhausen. Apart from the captured Pole, Nazis brought to very same place of the assassination of the policeman and 19 other Polish prisoners from KL Buchenwald, and they hanged them all. The image is really gruesome, but it depicts the cruelty of the war and the hard times Europe went through during those years.