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KL Dachau - One of a kind set of a Polish priest who was imprisoned in Dachau and undergone medical experiments over 4 years ! Named and researched !

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We offer this amazing set, and we make again our shop different to others, offering one of a kind items related to Holocaust, camps and ghettos. In this case it's the set of the Polish priest Florian Mackowiak, who was given the number 28378 in KL Dachau. He was arrested the 09.06.1941 and he was in Dachau until 04.29.1945!!! Almost 4 years imprisoned, a long period during which he had to suffer the infamous pseudo-medical experiments carried out by the Nazi pseudo-doctors, in this case experiments on Malaria (phlegmon kidney), tuberculosis and bone extraction experiments. This outstanding set comprises his original pants, used in Dachau, with red winkel and number patch he was given in camp to identify him. It also includes his backpack with a small suitcase that keeps inside several items with small personal items that he kept within the concentration camp Dachau during this long period. Pants are in good condition, apart from some stains that are very normal in garments used by inmates within camps, having in mind that conditions within camps were horrible and anything but hygienic. Pants are made from thick winter striped fabric, very common in camps like Auschwitz, Dachau or Sachsenhausen, with grayish and blue stripes. Backpack keeps inside his small suitcase, made from leather. When we open it, we can see the striped blanket he was given in Dachau, a mess tin made from aluminum, a beautifully hand painted wooden box with an improvised bag made from Zeltbahn cammo fabric where he kept sewing thread. All carefully collected and kept by his relatives during his period in Dachau. There are items that belong in a museum, and this set is very rare and difficult to find nowadays, not only for being exclusive but also for the fact that it's researched and belonged to a priest, which is a proof of the persecution that also Catholicism suffered during the Nazi period. Items like this are only seen in best private collections all over the world and in the best camp museums and Holocaust or history museums of many countries that want to tell us what happened during those sad years of our history. If you want to improve the quality of your collection with an exclusive set, this is the best chance!  All this items is very good condition , no smell , no need renovation . Really BEST SET i ever see ! If you want see all photos or some more details from this set contact us we will send you all !