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KL Dachau - Set of 5 x documents to a KL Dachau late war guard

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Set of 5 x documents to a KL Dachau late war guard who was a reservist. 3 of them deal with a mistake in his Wehrpass, and are dated November and December 1944, so it's at the end of the war, when many temporary guards were called by Himmler to take the place of those young guards who had to go to the front. Many of these were reservists and they had nothing to do with SS. 2 of the KL Dachau documents are kinda official notifications telling that this SS guard's Wehrpass didn't include the entry for the promotion he earned. The other Dachau document is a health certificate about his health condition and physical characteristics. It's signed by the KL Dachau troops' doctor. The other 2 documents aren't connected to KL Dachau, they deal with orders he has to follow when in Wehrmacht in war periods and a document about Wehrpass. All the set is in good condition and only one document is in 2 pieces, but since it belonged to a KL Dachau guard, the rarity is obvious.