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KL Neuengamme Hamburg - Letter from prisoner with propaganda stamp machine 1944

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Letter from prisoner of KL Auschwitz and Neuengamme Hamburg 1944 . Very good condition

This is very sad story but i have to tell this .

This man with his brother and father was arested in atumn 1940 because German think this guys they worked in the underground guerrilla .He and father was prision of KL Auschwitz brother transfered to KL Mauthausen, . Few month later his father die in camp and he was transfered to KL Neuengamme where spend over 4 years !

Probably he die in ship " Cap Ancona " bombed by the Allies at bay in Hamburg 3 May 1945 because last his letter is just 2 days before evacuation camp !
More information at this link:

From this family just his brother survive concentration camp ..............but mother was killed Russian soldiers after war when they tried to rape her and steal valuables!