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Litzmannstadt - Interested the mustard jar " DREI STERNE "

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Drei sterne - Three stars Litzmannstadt place of one the biggest ghetto Interested the mustard jar Produced by Rudolf Münchmeyer   Rudolf Hermann Münchmeyer (born July 30, 1875 in Hamburg, † June 20, 1950 in Hamburg-Riesse) was a businessman and co-owner of the trading company andprivate bank "münchmeyer & Co."  Münchmeyer came from an old family of Lower Saxony and was the son of the Hamburg merchant and banker Alwin Münchmeyer d. Ä. (1844-1895) and Therese Albert (1852-1932),. He married on September 23, 1905 in Hamburg Elisabeth Waitz (born November 24, 1885 in Hamburg, † after 1962), the daughter of the Hamburg chief surgeon Dr. Heinrich Waitz (1850-1912) and the Elise Krogmann (1863-1942). , His son was Alwin Münchmeyer the Younger (1908-1990), owner of the company "Münch Meyer & Co.," President of the DIHT and holds numerous board positions. Münchmeyer was captain of the reserve of the Westphalian Uhlan Regiment No.5 in Dusseldorf. From 1900 he was co-owner of his father's company "münchmeyer & Co." in Hamburg and a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, 1923-1926 whose Praeses. He was a member of the Board of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the Supervisory Board of Norddeutsche Bank, the directors of the Berlin Disconto Society, the Hamburg-America Line, the Hamburg-Bremen Fire Insurance Company, the Aachen-Munich Fire Insurance Company , the North German insurance company, the German-Atlantic sea cable company, the Hamburg-Bremen Reinsurance Company, the Rudolph Karstadt AG, Lower Saxony Insurance Company and the merchant's house-AG Hamburg.