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Nazi Waffen SS Set of SS Insignia from Battlefield - Skull + Eagle

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Early Allgemeine-SS Kepi/Visor Cap "Danziger" Skull + Visor Cap Eagle. Schirmmutze Totenkopf + Schirmmutze Adler. First pattern, (Circa 1923-1934), silver washed, stamped alloy construction Imperial Prussian Danziger style skull, with no bottom jaw, superimposed over crossed bones. The skull features two rows of teeth, oval eye cut-outs, a triangular nose cut-out and embossed cranium detailing. The hollow backed reverse is a mirror image of the obverse. Both soldered attachment prongs (one repaired). Die stamped, zinc construction SS cap eagle with a silver wash. The left facing eagle features out-stretched wings and is clutching a wreathed, canted, swastika in its talons. One of the three original aluminum attachment prongs is intact. The second probably repaired in the era (IMO).From the battlefield, with traces of hard wear. As the pictures shown