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Set of a Dutch Prisoner from Breda in Amersdooft camp

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Big document set that belonged to a Dutch prisoner from transit camp in the Netherlands called Rumoldus Antonius van den Bogaert. Set comprises:-His ID card with 3 sides with his photo and fingerprints, written in Dutch-2 kind of coupon cards, maybe rationing cards, also written in Dutch with some coupons cut off-Release document issued to this man in 1943 by Sicherheitspolizei of the SD office in Amersdoorf. Release camp is from transit camp of Amersdooft with very interesting ink stamp-Registry document filled in with his information and fully printed in German-Vacation permission issued to this man in 1944 from hospital in Saarbrücken with cut in an edge-Another release document from Saarbrücken hospital issued in 1944-Arbeitskarte issued in 1944 to this man by German administration-2 other documents related to hospital issued in 1944