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Very rare set of 2 KL memento items of a Pole who survived 3-different concentration camps!

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Very rare set of 2 KL memento items of a 3-different concentration camp survivor! This man, who was a Polish political prisoner :

Mliczak, Michael
(prisoner number: 101090)

born: 1907-04-05, place of birth: Czemierniki

, survived 4 camps according to the engraved names of the camps in the cigarette box: KL Auschwitz, KL Mauthausen, KL Gusen II (St. Georgen). Items like this were very common among survivors of Nazi concentration camps, and it was very common that consisted of engraved cigarette cases, pendants, rings or bangles. In this case, the 2 items are:

-A nice hand-engraved metal cigarette box with red triangle and P inside for Pole as well as the number he was given in the camps, and the names of the 3 camps the inmate was in (please note that inmate wrote names with some mistakes) also engraved with the initials of the inmate (J.N)

-A broken (chain missing) bangle to wear on the wrist with the engraved number this man was given in the camp.

very nice set for any KL memorabilia collector or for any museum connected to Holocaust and concentration camp system!