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Waffen SS - Awesome example of a dog tag of the infamous Brigade Dirlewanger!

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We offer you the chance to get a great piece of history, very connected with the holocaust and the massacres that Nazis carried out in Poland, more exactly during the Warsaw uprising. Dirlewanger, a perfidy Nazi that was also accused of being a pedophile, was the leader of this infamous brigade formed by murderers, rapers, robbers, criminals and all kind of convicts that were given the chance to gain their freedom by fighting enrolled in this brigade of the SS. This ID tag is one of those that those repugnant criminals wore during their nasty actions, like killing all the patients in a hospital in Warsaw, or rounding up civilians (women and children), and blowing them with grenades. All these stories well documented. Condition is that of ground dug tags, and like all the Dirlewanger tags, are true botched works. Name of the brigade is stamped as well as the number 2963 and made of zinc. We guarantee this is a genuine Dirlewanger !