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WW 2 - Amazing set of a HJ boy including his full uniform, knife, drum and documents!

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We offer this awesome complete set that belonged to a Hitlerjugend boy. Set is quite big, comprising many items. - Complete uniform with brown shirt, black shorts, belt and buckle, green cordel, cap, arm insignia with sig patch and triangle patch of West Hessen-Nassau, and on the right breast pocket, the insignia for HJ member and shooter enameled pin. It comes with the original shoulder boards too. - Original HJ knife, with maker mark from Solingen and scabbard - His original HJ drum with hanger and crossed leather strap. Important to note that drum has one cutter broken and it doesn't have the drum sticks -Documents: Deutsche Reichsbahn Personal pass with photo, 2 postcards one with Waffen SS stamp , his swimming exam certificate and his HJ Ausweis or ID document. There's also another ID issued to the same boy. There's also a big size card of Adolf Hitler. A fantastic set of the Hitlerjugend that you won't find easily in this condition and with this quality! Don't miss the chance to get it!