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WW 2 - Big set of documents of a Pole from Bromberg who was movilised during war time for the rare Wehrmannschaft!

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We offer you this rare set of documents that belonged to a Pole from Posen (volksdeutsche maybe), who was later movilised and recruited by the Wehrmannschaft in 1943 during the decadence of the III Reich when the defeats of the German army began to be common every month. The Wehrmannschaft is best characterized as being a “garrison militia”, although the men were well-clothed in standard SA uniforms and brown RAD uniforms with SA badges and rank designations, and mountain boots. The unit was well equipped with light arms and automatic weapons, and even had its own light artillery battery.

This set comprises:

His Wehrpass with photo and few entries.
His Wehrpass notice, telling that this man was given his Wehrpass due to the recruitment.
A recruitment notification of unavoidable appointment in Bromberg.
Another appointment notification for some medical tests before recruitment.
Very interesting document of recruitment for the Volkssturm in December 1944! Almost 6 months before the collapse and defeat of III Reich during WW2. This document tells this man that he must turn up in a specific place with Wehrpass and Ausweis so that he was given orders within Volkssturm.
2 handwritten documents
Another document: Müsterungs-Ausweis

Set is in very good condition and it's a great example of the final years of the III Reich movilisation and of the rare and unknown-for-many-people Wehrmannschaft militias.