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WW 2 - HJ - Awesome set of 20 documents and 2 insignia to the same member of Hitlerjugend

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We offer you the chance to get this amazing set of 20 documents and 2 insignia that belonged to the same Hitlerjugend member. Set comprises:

- His enameled HJ membership pin marked with maker

- Silver category HJ Leistungs - Abzeichen with matching award booklet. With many entries and no pages missing.

- 4 cards of HJ Leistungs-Abzeichen

- Certificate of having passed the swimming exam for 15 and 45 minutes

- 3 Hitlerjugend promotion documents

- Card to write down HJ Leistungs-Abzeichen different tests

- 4 award certificates for HJ and DJ shooting award and for HJ and DJ Leistungs-Abzeichen

- A certificate telling this boy leaves the HJ for health reasons

- A HJ certificate of all the merits reached by this member

- 2 identical Deutschen Jungvolk sportausweis without photo (They never had it) in canvas

- K-Sportwartausweis in canvas

- Shooting booklet of DJ with entries of results of different shootings tests

All in great condition.