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WW 2 - Period book: "Hermann Göring: Werk und Mensch" dedicated by colleagues to a chief in Reischsbahndirektion of Posen

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A biography of Hermann Göring, published by the NSDAP when Göring was the second man in importance during the III Reich. This book talks about all the work done by Göring within the regime, trying to acclaim his important work during Nazi period, such as the rebuilding of the Luftwaffe, his work in the Nazi Hunting association (Reichsbundes Deutsche Jägerschaft) and many others. It's also a kind of propaganda book that talks about his life showing some pictures of him in different periods of his life. This book is also dedicated to Eduard Lutz, a chief of the Reischsbahndirektion of Posen, by all the colleagues that worked in that office with him. All his comrades signed the book for him personally. It doesn't have the dust-cover but book is in good condition with no pages missing.