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WW 2 - Ultra rare temporary canvas ID pass issued to a Pole to access the perimeter of KL Bergen-Belsen!!!

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We offer for sale this ultra rare and rarely seen temporary ID pass made from canvas, and issued by KL Bergen-Belsen authorities to a Pole who was given the permission to access the perimeter of the concentration camp. This Ausweis is in German and has a short validity. Taking into account that concentration camps were ultra secret places during WW2, the fact that a certificate like this was issued to a foreign worker, it is really uncommon! We have translated the document so that you can see what it deals with: Certificate Number. Valid from...to... (After the expiry of the validity of the certificate, it must be given immediately back to the Kommandantur, 1st department) This Certificate isn't transferable! The velocity inside the camp is 30 km/h, inside the place 50 km/h. Mr/Miss............... Place of residence: Camp Belsen is allowed to enter these private grounds: 1. The Truppenlager Bergen and 2. The private terrains and woods of the parade ground