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WW II - Very rare glass negative - German SS Notice about the shooting of 50 people

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Very rare glass negative - Announcement SS about the shooting of 50 people !   Notice  On June 1, 1944 in Lublin were bombing branch of the SS guards. 3 SS guards were killed. Several unidentified Polish civilians, and women and children were also killed relatively seriously injured.  A police investigation revealed the perpetrators of the assassination were communists.  For punishment for this act of violence was by the Regulation on combating attacks against German reconstruction of the General Government on 10.02.1943 (Official Rozpodzadzenia in the General Government no. 82/43) by the summary court Security Police and SD in Lublin tender in terms of demonstrated people - doomed to punishment death and immediately executed them:  Item 50 of surnames and whence came  Below is yet a postscript:  In all executed in terms of the Communist officers and criminals, the execution of which is fair and objective koneczne atonement for this act of murderous communist - Bolshevik comrades.  Signed: Commander of the Security Police and SD in the District of Lublin With such opportunities negatives printed posters on advertising pillars!  Dimensions 13 x 18 cm