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WW2 - Awesome and scarce book from the library of Reichsuniversiät Straßburg! Book on disinfection and plagues liquidation!

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This book's subject isn't something banal when it comes to III Reich and Nazis. Althought disinfection and plagues liquidation is something necessary and normal in every place of the word so that human life is safer and healthier, when SS are involved in the writing of a book on that subject, there are some points that must be underlined. In this case we offer a very rare book entitled: "Entkeimung, Entseuchung und Entwesung". This book, written by SS-Standartenführer Dr. Dozent and Dr. Joachim Mrugowsky, a nazi Hygienist who was sentenced to death during Doctor's Trials in Nürnberg, was oriented to the good practices and guidelines to follow for killing of plagues and disinfection of places. The book has many graphic schemes and images so that it could be possible to learn how to do it properly and what kind of posion and gases to use for that. In this case some particular gases are mentioned, for example Zyklon B! And some very nice pictures of Zyklon B cans being opened and closed are included! As well as some colour pages! Zyklon B is recommended for plagues and others. What we know well is for what was also used this gas: mass killings in gas chambers. Some very nice pics can be found in this book regarding this gas, as well as very interesting information about the amounts it must be use and many other particularities.

Another important fact is that this book has the rubber stamp of the Pharmaceutical department of the Reichsuniversität Straßburg! A very controversial and infamous University where many nazi doctors and hygienists carried out horrible experiments and investigations regarding the jews and racial matters. It must be said that it was this university were the infamous collection of 87 Jewish skeletons. The collection was being prepared by the nazis for anthropological reasons to investigate the racial differences between the jews and the aryans, and it was to sent to the future museum of the jews, after their extermination. All the corpses were found in the University, inside big pools full of conserving fluid, still not defleshed but some of them dismembered and behaded. Horrible sight for any mentally healthy person indeed...

About author of this book more info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Mrugowsky