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WW2 German Nazi Waffen SS Very nice promotion proposal document to a consultant of the Nazi government signed personally by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler! original hand signature!!! 1942

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We offer you the chance to get an original document signed personally by Himmler itself! This document is a promotion proposal document for a consultant of the Nazi government, called Dr. Theodor Woditschka. Promotion proposal was from Regierungsassessor to Regierungsrat. On this document we can see that the Reichsführer used one of his famous pencils, blue one, to underline important things on documents. Signature is done with an ink-pen though, and we certify it's 100% genuine. Document has 2 pages and lots of entries and stamps, and was issued from the Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery in Voßstraße, Berlin) the 23 February 1942. A true piece of history in your hands!