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WW2 - NSDAP - Big unfold-able propaganda poster from "Die Parole der Woche" with a speech of Adolf Hitler about the "Operation Torch" in 1942.

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Big unfold-able propaganda poster with a speech of Adolf Hitler about the British bombings over German cities. Printed in red, black and white, it reproduces a speech made by Adolf Hitler in 8. November 1942 regarding the British-North American invasion of the North of Africa during the WW2.

"Die Parole der Woche" was a Nazi propaganda wall newspaper published by the NSDAP, that was well known for its official publications. They published more than 400 numbers between 1936 and 1943.

Big size 120 cm x 83 cm very good condition , you can see also label from "Die Parole der Woche" on back side , great looking in frame!