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WW2 - Very nice letter sent to the prominent Nazi Leonardo Conti's office in Berlin! Euthanasia T4 Program!

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We offer a very nice letter. Maybe content isn't that important, but there are 2 facts that make this document very attractive: first, the fact that it was addressed to Leonardo Conti. Leonardo Conti was a prominent Nazi of italian-swiss descent who commited suicide by hanging himself in the cell during his imprisonment in Nürnberg before getting the deserved punishment. He was accused of being involved in the nasty Euthanasia T4 Program with which Nazis killed thousands of German citizens who were mentally ill or disabled so that they could "clean" and make purer their Aryan race. Conti took part in that plan since he was Reichsgesundheitsführer or chief of the health office of the Reich, and he was also Staatssekretär in the Ministry of Interior. The second fact that makes this letter interesting is the fact that it was sent from a Mental institution for children based in Berlin. T4 Program dealt with mentally ill people, so it's easy that some connections between the person who sent the letter (Dr. Ernst Hefter, Director of the Children specialization department of the institution) and Conti.

More information http://www.uvm.edu/~lkaelber/children/berlinwittenau/berlinwittenau.html

Very interesting and with very gruesome connection!