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WWII German army 197 Infanterie Division- photo album - Poland + Russian campaign - Very nice !

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130 photos.  Good content from the Russian front. Man was in 197 Inf Div. Good images of Krads, many good vehicle images, Russian POWs, EK2 medal ceremonies in the field, KIA Russian soldiers in the field, knocked out Russian PAK cannon positions with KIA crews, good images of decimated battlefields, KO Russian TANKS and vehicles, captured Russian Maxim MG's, unit graves in the field, troops in LUBLIN & RADOM, Poland, observation balloons taking off and in use, troops interacting with Russian kids, good STURMGESCHUTZ image, troops laying comm. wire in the field, road sign "trees" in Russia, captured Russian aircraft, Russian graves, troops in trench positions, wrecked locomotives, vehicles with divisional emblems, officers, good vehicle images, and more!