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First Soviet bomb shrapnel from Litzmannstadt of 4.IX 1942!

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This is the first Soviet bomb shrapnel from Litzmannstadt of 4.IX 1942! Erste Sowiet Bombe - Litzmannstadt 4.IX.1942 Holding the hands of the subject feels incredible strength. Very impressive and ideal for presentations ! Since the attack of Germany to Russia from time to time were sent flying bomb on the city in occupied Poland and even in Berlin! As a curiosity, the Russian pilots were very few precise, and this has just the time in Warsaw on almost every yard townhouses built a chapel! People feared these attacks because the Russians bombed practically everything including buildings civilian. In one such attack at the end of 1942 the city was bombed tram and several tenements were killed when more than 50 people! Very special item you dont find similar like this .