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Forced laborer - Really nice set of a Polish woman and his husband who were used as slave laborers

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Really nice set of a Polish woman and his husband who were used as slave laborers. Set includes:

The ID card of the "Fabrik Ludwigsdorf" company, where he was employed as worker in the workshops. On the reverse we can read that she was living in the Ludwigsdorf-Lager, a camp created to house all the slave laborers that worked for this company. ID card is worn condition and it comes with the photo of this slave laborer, wearing the number given to her by Nazi authorities.

2 different post war Polish association for former Polish Slave laborers' ID cards, both issued to the husband of that woman of the ID card, with photos of the man in question, and issued in the early 90s. Nice design with the infamous "P" that were forced to wear so as to be identified as Polish slave laborers. He "worked" in the quarries around 2 years.

Finally a nice period photo with 4 Poles, we supose that one is the owner of the ID cards, wearing period clothes and the "P" patch attached to their lapels. Photo is also written on the back "What you see on the flaps are the letters P without them we can not move anywhere"

All completes a very interesting set dedicated to the slavery Nazis used in occupied Poland.