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Holocaust - Genuine passport of the III Reich period issued to a Jewish man ! With red "J" stamped!

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We offer for sale this nicely preserved genuine passport of the III Reich period issued to a Jewish man Arendt Herman Israel , with red "J" stamped so that he could be permanently identified as Jew when he travelled as well as including the name Israel for men and Sara for women ! Marking passports for Jews with a red "J" was obligatory, and passports like this are becoming harder to find nowadays. They are a symbol of the Genocide and persecution of people for their religion or ideas. All pages are present and there's no damage to the document and it has a very nice visa for a period of one year in Chile on one of the pages, with stamps and also Chile consulate in Koningsberg and entries of the consulate in Italy. All this is just the way this women made to her freedom from Nazi Germany. This women was lucky, others not that much. The passport is in great condition and this is a great chance to get a piece like this. Don't miss it!