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KL Buchenwald - Drawing from Prisoner and Artist Pawel Cholewik

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Drawing made after the war by Polish artist Paweł Holewik, who was a prisoner in KL Buchenwald and who was also an artist. This drawing has the title "On high voltage wires" depicting a camp inmate touching the electrified fence of the concentration camp and receiving a discharge and eventually commiting suicide. We think it's hand made but we are not 100% sure about this. Size: 24cm x 34,5 cm. After doing research about this Polish prisoner, we found a lot of documents about him in German archives that we put on this item just with informative purposes.Paweł Holewik (born 10/08/1895) prisoner number 9203 born in Pilgramsdorf. 13. April 1940 he was released from camp.