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KL Buchenwald Set with Signature of Wilhelm Frerichs

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Wilhelm Frerichs (born August 16, 1900 in Salzbergen; † unknown) was a German SS-Obersturmführer and, as criminal secretary, head of the political department in Buchenwald concentration camp.After finishing school in 1917, Frerichs did his military service, first with the Imperial Navy and then with the provisional Reichsmarine until 1920. Then Frerichs was employed by the water police until 1930.Frerichs became a member of the NSDAP in 1937 (membership number 4.293.088), of which he was a brief member from 1925, and also joined the SS (SS number 310.578). In 1937 Frerichs worked briefly in the Lichtenburg concentration camp. In the same year, after the concentration camp was dissolved, Frerichs moved to the Buchenwald concentration camp and headed the political department there. However, his colleague Hubert Leclaire appeared more prominent in Buchenwald, as he was feared by the mistreatment of concentration camp prisoners during interrogation in Buchenwald. In the late summer of 1942, Frerichs moved to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp as head of the political department. From 1944 Frerichs was deployed in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, which he left on April 12, 1945 before the British Army took over.After the end of the Second World War, Frerichs was last seen alive by eyewitnesses in the summer of 1947 in special camp No. 2 in Buchenwald.