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About 3reich-collector.com

Our passion is to collect stuff related to World War II, most about German persecutions civilians (concentration camp system, hard labor camps, prisons and ghettos of the Third Reich). We are active buyers and sellers of collections regarding World War II. Almost 30 years of experience in this hobby speak for itself! We think you will be pleased with our selection, prices and service. The rarest stuff and the best quality! Only with us it is possible to negotiate a price and we offer FREE shipping all over the world! Please visit us every day, as we are adding new items on a regular basis (we have over 3000 letters from the concentration camps , hundreds from ghettos , Waffen SS and a lot of documents, photographs and other interesting stuff from this period). This site was created because, due to the restriction of Nazi symbols on various auction sites on the internet, it is impossible for us to sell them there. ALL items listed on this web site are guaranteed 100% Original Historical pieces and we give full life quarancy. We do not collect reproductions or copies and we do not sell them either. So buy on our web site with confidence, knowing that we stand behind all items listed here.

We have many years of experience helping different museums all over the world get genuine stuff and we contribute to keep the flame of the memory of all those who perished under the ruthless and mercyless fist of Nazism during the II World War. That's our main aim, and we will keep doing it so that future generations can see all the items we sell in our shop in museums and exhibitions. We think it is worth the effort. We are convinced that to avoid that from happening again, people must see items that connect them to that horrible period in situ, to feel the reality. Not only old footages and documentaries are necessary, but also to preserve them and prevent all the stuff possible from falling into oblivion as those items are the "real" witnesses of that sad period of humankind.