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3 Reich - German Official Handbook "Handbuch der SA" 1939

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Official handbook "Handbuch der SA" published in 1939. An extremely well illustrated book about the history, organisation, symbols, weapons, emblems and many other details of the paramilitary organisation of the NSDAP, the Sturmabteilung or brown shirts. It also has 2 full-page portraits of SA leader Viktor Lütze and the Führer. This is a very nice, little used example of the seldom seen 5-1/8 x 7-1/2 inch, 400 page, very heavily illustrated soft cover Handbuch der SA (Hand Book of the SA) with over 250 photographs and illustrations. It was published in cooperation with the High Leadership of the SA in Berlin by Verlag 'Offene Worte' in 1939.