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3 Reich - Litzmannstadt Major Werner Ventzki Signed Mein Kampf

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Very interesting and with really obscure background Wedding edition "Mein Kampf" book from Adolf Hitler given to a married couple in the occupied city of Litzmannstadt. It is dedicated and signed to this couple by the former Litzmannstadt mayor Werner Ventzki, a criminal of war that was left unpunished. During his studies, Ventzki became a member of the Association of German Students in Heidelberg, Greifswald and K?nigsberg. Ventzki, a trained lawyer, became a member of the NSDAP in 1931 . In 1934 he became a magistrate in Stettin and was Gauamtsleiter of the National Socialist People's Welfare (NSV) in Gau Pomerania until 1939. Since 1936 he worked in the Pomeranian provincial administration and was responsible for welfare as a department head at the Oberpresident.In the Second World War , after the attack and the German occupation of Poland, from 1940 onwards he was regional councilor of the Poznan district self-administration and NSV district manager in Warthegau . Since the beginning of the war, he headed the " resettlers " department at Arthur Greiser in Posen, with which he was responsible for the expulsion of the resident population and deportations. At the time of the first murders (see Nazi murders at costs ) in the Warthegau, he was in the district self-administration until May 1941 in Department III (public welfare), among other things, for care for the mental and Physically frail : a) the mentally ill , b) the deaf and mute , c) the blind , d) the cripple .On April 8, 1941, he was appointed mayor of Litzmannstadt (Ł?dź) with the rank of SS - Unterscharfuhrer , where hunger and misery ruled the Jewish ghetto in Litzmannstadt . At most 7,000 of the approximately 200,000 residents survived. After falling out with Greiser, he was called up for military service in the Waffen-SS in mid-1943 and Otto Bradfisch was his acting successor.After the war, in 1952, he first became a consultant for displaced persons, refugees and war victims at the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Labor and Displaced Persons . In 1953 he became the representative of the Federal Ministry for Expellees, Refugees and War Victims in Berlin . He was then a senior councilor in Bonn . His name was mentioned at the end of 1959 at the exhibition Unpunished Nazi Justice . Public prosecutor's investigations into him were closed in 1960