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3 Reich - Lutsk Jewish Ghetto Police Hat Badge.

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The design on the badge comprises a Star of David with inscription: JOŁ. JOŁ is the acronym for Judischer Ordnungsdienst Łuck (English: Jewish Ghetto Police Lutsk) It is an ultra-rare thing. There were only 125 to 150 policemen in the Ghetto and that's why it was a small number of Hat Badges. In fact, less than ten items have been left till present days. It was found in 2020 with a help of the metal detector at the location of the Lutsk city. This is not just a military relic; it's a part of history! An article "Attribution of previously unknown Lutsk Ghetto Hat Badges" about this Badge was published in the authoritative magazine "Numismatics and Phaleristics" (Kyiv city) No. 1 (January-March, 2021) It caused an extraordinary resonance and interest in it among military historians, searchers and collectors. We find this Badge in an magazine "Numismatics and Phaleristics" with article about when found it