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3 Reich - Photo Album of a Luftwaffe Gefreiter- Westwall - France - Amazing

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Very nice photo album that belonged to a Lufwaffe Gefreiter who was sent to the French campaign during WW2 in 1940 and to the Westwall defensive line. This photo album has very high quality not only for the photos, that are in some cases awesome, but also for the fact that all the photos are commented and the album is full of details and decoration. Some Luftwaffe eagles are denazified and although very few photos are missing, album is broken and cover loose but sheets with photos are all present. There's also a card sent by the NSDAP office from Schlessien Gauleitung with dedicatory to this Gefreiter. Album has a time span of 1939-1941. Album includes many different photos with: German aircrafts, bombings, destroyed cities, different French cities such as Nancy, Paris, Orleans, San Quentin, etc. Also some other German cities. We also have photos of parades, fun, relaxing moments, with relatives, girlfriend, comrades, airports, barracks, westwall, group photos with regiment, some colourised photos, captured french tanks Renault, during permission to visit family, captured soldiers, in POW camp as watcher, etc. All the photos are described with a lot of detail. There's also a Feldpost postcard written on the reverse.
The album contains 190 photos