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3 Reich - Polish problem" and it's fate within 3 Reich

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III Reich period book "Das Schicksal der Polen" by Hans Joachim Beyer about the "Polish problem" and it's fate within the III Reich. This book is written by German Nazi "experts" and does a complete research and gives an explanation to the problem with the occupied Poland and what to do with Poles. For Germany, Poland was a problem, and their inhabitants were considered as Untermenschen or sub-humans. This book also talk about the different Polish regions and ethnic groups and historical problems with other countries and also about the concept "Slavic people". It also talks about racial matters, religion, Polish influence in other countries and diaspora, freemasonry and solutions to the "Polish problem".All the book is written with a German supremacist point of view and with the idea of destroying Poland and making it disappear from Europe as a country.Book has hard cover and it's in very good condition with no dust-cover.