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3 Reich - Rare Czech Notice Poster About a Czech Escapee 1940

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Rare Czech notice poster issued by German occupation authorities regarding a man who was in search and arrest, for being enemy of the German Reich.
It's issued in German and Czech and it has a picture of him so that people can search and find him.
Good condition.

REGIONAL OFFICE IN PRAGUE CHALLENGE! He is searching for Jan Smudek, who committed an assassination attempt on a member of the police in Domažlice on March 20, 1940, and is now hiding unknown where. According to the results of the investigation so far, the named also committed the murder of two auxiliary imperial financial authorities, committed in Březí on March 23, 1940. Jan Smudek is 25 years old, responsible for České Budějovice, then living in Domažlice, Máchova ul. 138 in Kladno, It is about 180 cm high, broad shoulders, protruding casting bones, light auburn hair, divided on the left side by a footpath; it is short-sighted and has a horizontal mark on its right cheek after a considerable scratch. He is now dressed in a gray suit with long kaihots, and perhaps also has a long dark coat with hair (so-called hubertus) and a soft hat of the same color. He was last seen on March 25, 1940 in Černikov in the Domažlice political district. All citizenship is eagerly called upon to make every effort to the security authorities to track down the criminal. Everyone is obliged to immediately tell the nearest gendarme station or the nearest government police office everything that can be used to track down and arrest the nominee. Whoever provides the refugee with shelter or any other assistance, or withholds the data used to track him down, commits a crime and will be punished as severely as possible according to the law. I would like to point out that the city of Domažlice has announced a reward of 20,000 K for everyone who brings security authorities to the perpetrator's trail. The perpetrator is an unscrupulous bully who immediately uses firearms against everyone. Provincial President: March 27, 1940." Size: 65x47cm