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3 Reich SS Huge Reprisal Poster - 50 Poles Executed in 1943

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Very rare public announcement poster fully written in Polish addressed to the Polish population informing about the shooting of 50 Polish prisoners and sentencing other 60 to death as a reprisal for killing 2 Germans and wounding other 2 in Warsaw on October 26, 1943!!! All the names of killed Poles and of those sentenced to death are listed in the poster. It was issued by the SS and Police in Warsaw district and published in 1943. Poster is complete with minor damage and bent as it was since it was printed and as you can see it's really big. These posters were hanged on public buildings or in the streets so that all the citizens could read them and feel the threat and terror so as not to commit any act of sabotage or terrorist attack against the occupation forces. Finding this kind of posters is really difficult. Its big size 70cm x 94cm . This is an example of the atrocities that Nazi authorities carried out in occupied Poland against the innocent population with horrible and brutal reprisals!


Size: 94x69cm