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4 Rare Photos of Infamous NKVD Lviv Prison Massacres 1941

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4 rare and very graphic photos of prison victims of NKVD murdered in Lviv, in a prison located at ul. Łącki. Early July 1941 where Russians killed few tousands of prisoners in a couple prisons before German captured the city. They are known as the NKVD prison massacres in Lviv - mass murders of prisoners of Lviv prisons and arrests by Soviet NKVD and NKGB officers took place in the last days of June 1941. After the start of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the People's Commissar for Internal Affairs, Lavrenty Beria, ordered the execution of all political prisoners held in the western oblasts of the USSR, whose evacuation into the country was impossible. Following this order, in Lviv prisons - "Brygidki", the prison at ul. Łącki, the prison in Zamarstynów, as well as in their branches - officers of the Soviet security authorities murdered from 3.5 to 7 thousand people. Among the victims were Ukrainians, Poles and Jews, including a certain number of women and minors. It was the largest and most infamous crime committed during the so-called NKVD prison massacres in the summer of 1941. After Wehrmacht troops entered Lviv, the inhabitants organized a pogrom for several days on the basis of German inspiration. The massacre in Lviv prisons was also widely publicized by Nazi propaganda and served as a pretext for the Germans to carry out mass executions of Jews. More info in wikipedia , but unfortunately there's only Polish version: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masakry_więzienne_NKWD_we_Lwowie Size: 6x9cm.