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4 x Polish partisan eagle made by brothers Hoffman EAGLE TYPE WZ.19

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Eagle with hat pattern 19 from the 1930s with a cut off crown. Perfect condition . Also used after the war in the first Polish Army being formed. Made with matrix Bracia Hoffman Radom. Material: Zinc. Dimensions: Height about 6.5 cm; 4.8 cm wide.The locksmith workshop of the Hofman brothers provided services to the A K partisan units, and from mid-1943 he produced eagles according to the pre-war model of 1919. The matrix elements are in the Polish Army Museum. According to the Hofman brothers from testimony in 1975, they produced about 2500 to 3000 pieces of eagles. The eagles were made of zinc sheet, dimensions 62x 46.5 x0.4 mm. so much from the description in T. Zawistowski's book "Polish eagles for hats 1939-45".